Step 5: Product Delivery, NFT Wallet App, and Block Explorer

Product Delivery

At this point, the buyer will receive an email with a link to their private NFT product. This link will direct the buyer to the NFT Wallet App within the browser.

View NFT Wallet App

Follow the link for the NFT Wallet app in the email.
In the NFT Wallet App, the owner can access:
  • The Unlocked and Locked NFT content
  • NFT description and media file details
  • Encryption details
  • The Certificate of Authenticity: VIVID block explorer and storage information
  • NFT exporting tool

NFT Wallet App Screenshots

NFT View

Here you can view the NFT and all of the locked and unlocked media.

NFT Name, Description, and File Details

NFT Encryption Details

Certificate of Authenticity: Links to the NFT details on the VIVID Block Explorer and storage on Filecoin.

How to Export an NFT

From the NFT Wallet app, the owner can transfer the NFT to a wallet of their choice.
Click Export this NFT at the bottom of the NFT Wallet app.
The buyer will be prompted with a security window, click Continue.
The next pop-up window will show the buyer's private key as a QR code and instructions on how to set up a wallet. You can export the NFT to your wallet with this key.

NFT Token Page and VIVID Block Explorer

Clicking View on VIVID explorer will direct the buyer to the NFT transactions page. Here the buyer can view the recorded and tracked blockchain information for the NFT.

NFT Metadata

The buyer can view the NFT metadata from the NFT Token page by clicking the Metadata tab.